FOMMS 2000

FOMMS 2000: Applications for Industry, July 23-28, 2000, Keystone Resort, CO, USA

Topics of Special Interest

  • Industrial Applications
  • Applying Theory
  • Force Fields and Molecular Simulations
  • Biological Applications
  • Modeling of Polymers
  • Bridging Quantum and Molecular Scales
  • Kinetics and Reaction Engineering
  • Visions of the Present and the Future

Invited Speakers

  • Gregory J. McRae, MIT
    Keynote Address: Bridging scales from molecular modeling to process design
  • Anne M. Chaka, Lubrizol
    Surface structure and reactivity in a complex environment
  • Daniel A. Kleier, DuPont
    Molecular modeling and simulation of crop protection chemicals
  • William F. Schneider, Ford Motor Company
    Chemical and materials simulation at Ford Motor Company
  • Keith E. Gubbins, North Carolina State University
    Molecular Simulation: Some recent applications to phase and chemical equilibria
  • Klavs F. Jensen, MIT
    Bridging length scales in simulations of vapor phase deposition
  • Jozef Bicerano, Dow Chemical
    Modeling of nanocomposite rheology and mechanical properties
  • Ulrich W. Suter, ETH Zentrum
    Molecular modeling and simulation of polymers
  • Sharon C. Glotzer, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Molecular and mesoscale simulations of filled and nanofilled polymers
  • Stephen L. Mayo, California Institute of Technology
    Protein design via integration of molecular modeling and experiment
  • Gary A. Huber, University of California San Diego
    Multiscale modelling of large biomolecules
  • Richard A. Friesner, Columbia University
    Development of polarizable potential energy functions from ab initio quantum chemical calculations
  • Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos, University of Maryland / Princeton University
    Force field development for simulations of condensed phases
  • Dominic J. Tildesley, Unilever
    Molecular and mesoscale simulation: Theory and application
  • Michele Parrinello, Max-Planck-Institut
    Role and Perspectives of ab-initio Molecular Dynamics in Physics and Chemistry
  • Keiji Morokuma, Emory University
    Development and Applications of the ONIOM, An Integrated Molecular Orbital + Molecular Mechanics Method
  • Donald G. Truhlar, University of Minnesota
    Molecular-scale modeling of reactions and solvation
  • Jens K. Narskov, Center for Atomic-Scale Materials Physics (CAMP), Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark
    Catalysis from first principles
  • Anthony M. Dean, Exxon Mobil Research and Engineering Co. / Colorado School of Mines
    Development and application of detailed kinetic mechanisms for free radical systems
  • Jack J. Dongarra, University of Tennessee
    High-performance computing today
  • Thom H. Dunning Jr., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory / US Department of Energy
    Riding the computing tidal wave: A view from computational molecular science
  • Michael F. Doherty, University of Massachusetts / UC-Santa Barbara
    Molecular modeling in support of process design 

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